Aegis Strut Kit

Aegis Strut Kit

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Please place your order number in the order number notes if you have already purchased an Aegis saber. We will ship these with that order. This kit is only available to those who have already preordered the Aegis, but forgot to add this to their order!

These are only compatible with the Aegis Saber


Strut kit for customizing your Aegis saber. The struts can be mixed and matched to put your personal signature on this elite saber. You can order additional struts in a variety of colors, to make your Aegis stand out from the crowd.

The Aegis is the most ambitious and compelling saber we have ever created. From customizable struts, to the blackout or silver matte anodized finish, this saber will not disappoint the most avid duelists.


  • Beautiful matte anodized finish that matches the Aegis saber
  • Securely held with Button screws to create an industrial look

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