Heavy Grade Blade

Standard Grade Dueling Blade


Our dual diffused Standard grade dueling blade is a 1" OD blade suitable for the light to medium dueling, or for show. The blade comes with a rounded tip, melded perfectly to the blade to prevent breakage. The blade is trans white in color, and can also be supplied with a mirrored tip that reflects to give the maximum illumination, but also allows some light to pass through for an even blade color.

Our blades ship with a flat rate of $15 to North America. If you are outside of Canada or the Continental USA, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Current Lead Time: 3 Business Days

Please note that our blade diffusion film is not glued into the blade itself. This prevents crinkled marks on your blade.


  • Dual Diffused for Maximum Light Retention
  • Mirror Tip Option
  • Flate Rate Shipping

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