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The Errant is a fully duel capable saber adorned with copper anodized accents and a unique winged emitter and pommel. Its design echoes design elements from ancient warriors weapons, and its unique shape and beautiful accents make it an excellent showpiece, or an intimidating blade in the right hands. Balanced for a single or two handed grip, the Errant is lightweight and swift.

Every custom Electrum Smart Saber® is meticulously designed, handcrafted, and assembled in North America. Ready to duel and face the powers of the Darkside.

This saber comes equipped with our premium RGBW LED. Bright, vibrant, and you can select any color you want on the fly. Or, you can upgrade your saber to our mind-blowing pixel configuration. A pixel setup provides the most dynamic, effect driven true-to-movie experience. You can customize a plethora of blade effects, clashes, motions, and it includes legendary scrolling ignition! You can choose from 28", 32", or 36" blade lengths. We also offer a 7" Pixel Dagger Blade. Great for when you want to dress up in your favorite Jedi outfit and head to the latest Convention.

Additionally, every Electrum Smart Saber® hilt comes equipped with our high-performance Diatium3 Saber Core. Designed and engineered by our team here at Electrum Sabercrafts. You will experience immersive audio to optimize your high-quality sound fonts while encountering blistering effects and responsive motions like the Smooth Swing effect using our Kinetic Engine technology. You can choose between 3 swing types: smooth, hybrid, and classic.

Most importantly, you can customize every aspect of your Electrum Smart Saber's® performance using our ground-breaking, first-of-its-kind Unity App (IOS & Android). The Unity App allows the user to customize every element of the saber's performance. From beautiful rich colors, eye-catching effects to responsive motions and bold sound. You can create multiple profiles that are uploaded to your saber while you are connected. Then you are able to access all your custom saber profiles and all other settings through the on-saber menu accessible through our revolutionary 3 zone touch switch when you are ready to spin, duel or show it off to your friends.

You can now have the saber performance you have always dreamed of from a custom lightsaber like no other. You are in control of your destiny.

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  • Length: 10.5"
  • Diameter: 1.25" - 1.3"


  • Electrum Unity App connectivity
  • Includes Diatium² Core Saber Systems
  • Combat Worthy for Intense Dueling.
  • Complete App based saber customization:
    • Blade color settings. Endless color selection
    • Clash effects, timing, color and hard or soft clashes
    • Flicker effects, timing, color
    • Motion capture for customized sounds
    • Choose and switch sounds on the fly
    • Save multiple user profiles
  • Premium 16bit sound with up to 480 sounds storage capability
  • Full volume settings
  • Battery life indication
  • In-hilt recharge via Micro USB
  • Robust shock absorbing chassis materials
  • True motion settings featuring Motion Capture technology
  • Selectable Auto Lockup Effects
  • 3000mAH Battery capacity with Deep Sleep mode


Note: Our pixel blades are rated and warrantied for light duelling. 

Errant Smart Saber® (SOLD OUT)

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