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The next evolution of a classic design, the Evo-Flex Smart Saber™ evokes the classic design elements of the cherished Graflex, but with features inspired by the technology of the galaxy. From the Blaster Barrel emitter, Power Cell pommel grip, Scraptech Shroud and Rifle Sight "bunny ears", the Evoflex is meant to embody the vision of a warrior on the run, working with what they find.

The Evo-Flex features real brass pins, a brushed aluminum shroud, gunmetal accents, customizable greeblie button, and, unique to our saber lineup, a threaded pommel grip that reveals windows into the Diatium³ Core Saber System. The saber comes standard in a clean machined finish that attests to the age and elegance of the weapon, and can be customized further with light weathering and battle scarring.

This Saber comes with our Premium RGBW LED and premium sound setup, a standard built into all of our products. The Evoflex also has Bluetooth integration, allowing its owner to remotely program multiple settings via our mobile app, including motions, colors, sounds, switch settings, programmable gestures and more.

Note: This saber is not compatible with the Covertec belt system, and is only available with a D-ring add-on.


All Smart Saber orders after April 15, 2021 are 12 weeks lead time, plus 1 week for weathering.

Watch the recorded FB Live Event showing off Diatium 3 below↓


  • Length: 11.8"
  • Diameter: 1.3" - 1.4"
  • Blade Socket: 2"
  • Weight: 364g / 0.802lbs

Diatium3 Saber Core Features

  • Kinetic Engine: Full motion and sound with true to life effects and motion profiles. Low latency real-time response
  • Smooth sound effects without the need for specialized sound files
  • Real-Time Wireless Customization with the Electrum Unity app:
    • Blade color settings. Endless color selection with animation effects for both in-hilt and Pixel
    • Clash effects, Force Effects, Blaster effects, Flicker/Unstable effects, timing, color and hard or soft clashes
    • Motion profile selection: Smooth, Hybrid and Classic for fully immersive motion and sound
    • Full sound editing suite including live EQ, Bass Boost, Mid Boost, Treble Boost, Gains and Volume
    • Choose and switch sounds on the fly
    • Save multiple user profiles
  • Premium 16bit sound with live audio editing via the Electrum Unity app
  • Use up to 50 sound fonts
  • Pixel blade scrolling and animation effects, customizable via the Electrum Unity app.
  • Battery life indication with hyper fast charging
  • In-hilt recharge via Micro USB
  • Selectable Auto Lockup Effects
  • Improved Deep Sleep mode


  • Premium all-metal 6061 aluminum hilt, assembled by hand to your specifications
  • Includes full Diatium3 Core Saber System as a standard
  • Multiple Hilt Color Configurations and options
  • Duel Worthy Hilt Construction
  • Optional Pixel blade upgrade
  • Robust shock absorbing chassis materials to protect the electronics
  • 3000mAH Battery capacity
  • Real Brass pins and multiple "greeblie" colors

Note We do not recommend the Pixel Blade for Heavy Dueling.

Evo-Flex Smart Saber®

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