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Journey Smart Saber®

FeaturesD3 Saber CoreUnity II AppSpecs.
  • Duel ready
  • Smooth, hybrid, classic swings
  • NeoPixel or In-Hilt RGBW LED configuration
  • Shock resistant internal chassis
  • 44.1kHz 16bit HD Sound
  • Customizable 3 button Micro-Touch switch
  • Electrum Diatium3 Saber Core
  • Electrum Unity App II Ccmpatible via. Bluetooth
  • Various hilt colors & accents
  • Custom finishing options
  • Made with premium 6061 billet aluminum with anodized finish
  • Rapid quick charge using Micro-USB
  • Optional D-ring or Covertec carry system
  • Optional Crystal Chamber
  • Made & Assembled in Canada
  • Saber performance customization using the Electrum Unity App II
  • Battery life indication with hyper-fast charging
  • Firmware updates for new features and bug fixes
  • On-hilt menu access to change Volume, User Profiles, Blade Color, Sounds, and Motion settings
  • In-hilt recharge with Micro-USB
  • Automatic deep-sleep mode to preserve charge
  • Multiple blades effects for In-Hilt LED and NeoPixel blades like blaster defect, clash, flicker/unstable, selectable auto-lock up and much more
  • Blistering audio with a 1" bass speaker, HD 16bit 44.1khz sound, up to 50 sound fonts, 3 Motion Sound Profiles - smooth swing - hybrid - classic
  • Engineered, designed and assembled by our Electrum team.

The Unity App II is our follow-up to the game-changing Unity App. In 2016 Electrum Sabercrafts was the first to release a mobile app that interacts with a custom LED saber via. Bluetooth.

Today, we are still leading the way in Smart Saber® technology with the recent release of the Unity II App. You can customize every aspect of the sabers performance, from the sound, to blade effects, to motion, and save them to 8 custom profiles that are uploaded to your Electrum Smart Saber®. Click here to learn more.

  • Hilt Length: 29.16 cm/11.48"
  • Grip Diameter Oval Grip 3.175-3.429 cm/1.25"-1.35"
  • Blade Socket Width Blade Socket Opening 2.54 cm/1"
  • Blade Socket Depth, 3.56 cm/1.4"
  • High-Discharge 3000mAh 18650 Lithium-Ion battery with protection
  • Included: USB to Micro-USB charge cable, blade cap, 2 saber keys, instruction manual
  • Compatible fonts: Electrum, CFX, Proffie sounds font. 16bit 44.1kHz only. No mixed bit rate
  • Please see our Resources page for more info.

Whether you are a Padawan or an Apprentice, the Journey Smart Saber® is the essential weapon to hone in your training for the inevitable day when you have to defend your allegiance.

The Journey hilt features our new Trace Micro-Switch, and two hilt variants, the Squire (Lightside) and the Acolyte (Darkside). The Journey is one of the most affordable, durable and lightweight hilts in our arsenal.

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