The Smartest Sabers in the Universe

Electrum Sabercrafts specializes in premium, feature loaded lightsabers made from the highest quality materials and electronics. Our sabers feature a robust technological saber system, including full control over your saber with our bluetooth Electrum Unity App.

Latest from Electrum Sabercrafts

Remnant Smart Saber

Remnant Smart Saber

Harking back to a more civilized age and echoing design elements from the old masters, the Remnant is as functional as it is beautiful.

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Electrum App

Electrum Unity App Smart Saber Control

The Worlds First and Only Smart Saber Technology. Wield the Ultimate Power from the Palm of Your Hand!

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Aegis Saber

Aegis Smart Saber

Evoking the power and beauty of the waves, the Torrent is a ferocious and swift blade.

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