Saber Refinery

Lightsaber Refinery

Our dedicated and talented technicians, designers and artists are ready to take your Electrum Lightsaber to the next level of uniqueness!

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Personalization Services Include:

Acid Etching Using a carefully perfected process, our artists can etch virtually any design onto the hilt of your lightsaber. Each etch is like an engraving into the metal of the hilt.

Leather Wrapping Our Refinery artists work with a wide range of leathers to create your dream grip; from simple leather wraps, to complex weaves or even Ito wrapping.

Polishing Want to wield the pristine weapon of a master? Our artists can bring your saber hilt to a mirror shine! Accent your etching details, or even add a mirror finish to stand out from the crowd.

Anodizing Removal Refinery artists can bring details to life with precise masking and removal of your saber anodizing. Anodized finishes on Lightsabers offer scratch protection, so the remaining finish will resist chips and fading.

One-of-a-kind Lightsaber Displays Our artists can design and build intricate displays worthy of the most esteemed Jedi Master! We can work with a variety of natural and manufactured materials, and even electronics!

Personalization & Accents Bring an element of your personality to your Lightsaber. Add hand-made charms, personal engravings for loved ones, customized blade plugs and more!

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Important Information:
  • If you have a current order with us, you can purchase one of these spots, and we will customize your Smart Saber® before we ship it to you.

  • If you have an Electrum Smart Saber®, you can purchase a spot and send the hilt to us for custom work.

  • Custom Saber Stands can be made individually, or with a Saber order.
  • Please note that the prices fluctuate based on the options and design complexity. In our last run, the average project price was between $500 USD on the low end to $1300 on the high end (Not including original Smart Saber® cost).

  • There are no refunds when booking a spot.

*Saber Hilt Customization Services are only performed on Electrum Sabercrafts Smart Sabers®. At this time, fully custom-machined hilts (one offs not based on our current line-up) are not available.