StarBird Saber Core

Discover Proffieboard Technology

Experience the cutting-edge performance of Proffieboard technology inside an Electrum Sabercraft lightsaber. The Proffieboard, renowned for its versatility and power, brings your lightsaber to life with unparalleled precision and control. We're so confident in our lightsabers, we've given them a combat rated 3 year limited warranty!

Discover the Power Within

Dynamic Blade Styles Utilizing a robust library of user created effects and options, you can create the ultimate lightsaber blade animations, with custom ignitions, stabs, swings and more!

Gesture Control The Proffieboard Saber Core features an incredibly precise, finely tuned motion processing system, allowing you to program and tune gestures for any number of effects, like twist on activations, stab and drag effects, spin and swing blade animations, and more!

High Performance Energy Our lightsaber chassis system comes equipped with an efficient removeable 18650 Lithium battery, ensuring a long runtime with the ability to swap out power cells for long adventures!

Open-Source Flexibility Leverage the power of open-source software to continuously enhance your lightsaber with community-driven updates and innovations.


Elevate your lightsaber experience with the sophisticated technology of the Proffieboard, integrated into Electrum Sabercraft lightsabers. Unleash the full potential of your saber and ignite the power within.
Construct Your Lightsaber

Want to follow along with development, or contribute to the Proffie Community? Visit The Crucible and learn more.