Custom Shop

Welcome to the Electrum Sabercrafts Custom Shop

Currently no slots are available. Check back soon!

Our dedicated and talented technicians, designers and artists are ready to take your Electrum Smart Saber® to the next level of uniqueness.

We are very excited to provide these custom services:

Etching Leather Wrapping Cord Wrapping Polishing Anodize Removal Weathering Neopixel Upgrade (Coming Soon) Diatium³ Upgrade (Coming Soon)

Important Information:
  • If you have a current order with us, you can purchase one of these spots, and we will customize your Smart Saber® before we ship it to you.

  • If you have an Electrum Smart Saber®, you can purchase a spot and send the hilt to us for custom work.

  • Please note that the prices fluctuate based on the options and design complexity. In our last run, the average project price was between $500 USD on the low end to $1300 on the high end (Not including original Smart Saber® cost).

  • There are no refunds when booking a spot.

*The services are only performed on Electrum Sabercrafts Smart Sabers®. At this time, fully custom-machined hilts (one offs not based on our current line-up) are not available.