Custom Shop

Welcome to The Electrum Custom Shop

Our dedicated and talented technicians, designers and artists are ready to take your Electrum Smart Saber® to the next level of uniqueness!
Custom Slots are currently closed - Check back soon for availability!


We offer a wide range of customization services, including:

Etching Leather Wrapping Cord Wrapping Polishing Anodize Removal Weathering Custom Saber Stands Personalization & Accents

Important Information:
  • If you have a current order with us, you can purchase one of these spots, and we will customize your Smart Saber® before we ship it to you.

  • If you have an Electrum Smart Saber®, you can purchase a spot and send the hilt to us for custom work.

  • Custom Saber Stands can be made individually, or with a Saber order.
  • Please note that the prices fluctuate based on the options and design complexity. In our last run, the average project price was between $500 USD on the low end to $1300 on the high end (Not including original Smart Saber® cost).

  • There are no refunds when booking a spot.

*Saber Hilt Customization Services are only performed on Electrum Sabercrafts Smart Sabers®. At this time, fully custom-machined hilts (one offs not based on our current line-up) are not available.