What is a “Smart Saber”?
A Smart Saber™ is an intelligent, easily configurable saber that connects fully to the latest technology via a Smart App. Smart Saber app technology allows the user to access and modify any aspect of the saber, from blade colors and effects to sounds and motion detection.
What sound board do you use?
Electrum Sabercrafts uses our proprietary Diatium2 Core Saber System. More than just a simple sound board, the Diatium2 Core is the world’s first fully integrated smart saber system, allowing full control of your Smart Saber from your mobile device.
Are your sabers combat ready? Can I duel with them?
Yes. Our Smart Sabers™ are designed to be fully combat ready and are warrantied against electronic failure. We use a world class internal impact resistant chassis that protects the internal setup from drops and impacts.
Do I need to turn the Sleep Switch to off when charging?
While it isn’t required to do this, we recommend it, especially when the battery is completely drained.
I’m having trouble with the touch switch. How can I calibrate it?
The touch switch calibrates itself on power down. There are 3 ways to recalibrate the switch if desired:
1. Power down the saber, either through the switch itself or the Unity app.
2. Toggle the sleep switch inside the pommel
3. Perform a hard reset. (detailed in the manual)
How do I make the saber recognize new sound fonts?
First, make sure you are using the proper font structure. If you are purchasing a font from another site, use the “Plecter” version of the font. Second, ensure that no spaces or special characters (@,#,$, etc.) are used in the folder name.
If your saber is still not recognizing the sound font, perform a hard reset. This will read the entirety of the SD card to ensure it loads correctly.