Diatium3 2.10 Update (In-Hilt LED) Diatium3 2.10 Update (Pixel)

Release date - April 24, 2020

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Unity App Update - April 24, 2020

IOS v.2.502 - Update on the App Store

Android v.2.74 - Update on the Google Play Store


How to install the Software Update

 *Note: please make sure you update your Android and IOS app before updating the firmware.

Before you start, ensure that the saber is in deep sleep mode by toggling the sleep switch inside the pommel of your Smart Saber. Make sure you select the proper version for your saber: Neopixel or in-hilt LED.

  1. Once the saber is in Deep Sleep, remove the SD card from the saber and insert it into your computer. (It is not recommended to use a mobile device for this)

  2. Extract (unzip) the dBoot.cry and Loader.cfg files from the update zip file, and drag them onto your SD cards root folder.

  3. Reinsert the SD card into your saber, and then take the saber out of sleep mode.

  4. The middle input switchplate LEDs will slowly blink, indicating that the saber is installing the update. Once completed, the saber performs its normal boot function, confirming the update has finished. 

  5. BEFORE TURNING THE SABER ON, please put the saber into deep sleep one more time. Take the saber out of deep sleep, and hold the middle switch input. When the lights stop blinking, let go. The saber will run its boot sequence. Once you hear the sound of the boot sequence, you can power on your saber. This will not erase your User Profiles or Color Profiles.

You can confirm the version of your software using the Electrum Unity App in the top right corner of the screen. If the loading process does not start when you toggle the sleep switch, confirm that both the Loader.cfg and dBoot.cry files are in the root of your SD card, and try again.

New Features:

  • Candy Cane Pixel Blade Style
  • Stab motions/sounds
  • Auto detect of smooth only files.

Update Log:

  • Adjusted lockup and clash being interrupted
  • Changed firing rate for LEDs
  • Fixed long sounds being cut off

Want to give feedback/suggestions or report an issue?

We want to hear from you! We've put together a handy reporting page for you. Send your thoughts, ideas and feedback to us via our feedback page!


If you are having issues connecting to the saber using your android phone, try these steps:

  1. Open your phones Settings
  2. Open "apps"
  3. Using the top right 3 dot menu, select "Show System Apps"
  4. Scroll down the apps list until you reach Bluetooth, select it
  5. Open Storage
  6. Select Clear Data
  7. Then, ensure both Bluetooth and Location/GPS services are active, and try again.
  8. If the above does not help, try to connect while in "airplane mode". You will need to reactivate bluetooth while in this mode.