Diatium3 Saber Core BETA


*All Orders Shipped on July 27, 2021 or later will have this update installed.


Please make sure your Smart Saber® is fully charged. Ensure that the saber is in deep sleep mode by toggling the sleep switch (toward the emitter) inside the pommel of your Smart Saber. Make sure you select the proper version for your saber: Pixel or in-hilt LED. 

The new Electrum Smart Saber Firmware is designed to be used with high quality, 44.1kHz Smooth Swing fonts. As such, you will want to update your fonts by downloading updated copies from your original order. Some of your fonts may not be updating 44.1khz. They will be updated in the next couple weeks.

The good news is we have provided 2 fonts below that you can use on this new update right away, at no charge. So you can begin to enjoy the beta right away. We recommend having only 1 sound font on the SD card during the update, for the sake of speed. You can add the rest of your fonts after the saber has been properly updated.

Additionally, please read the Release Notes below on this page before proceeding. You need to have a compatible mobile device and OS.

Download these FREE 44.1khz, smooth swing sound fonts

Kinetic 44.1kHz Sound Font Fracture 44.1kHz Sound Font

You can also purchase some of the new compatible sounds on the Electrum Store

Step 1: Put the saber in deep sleep and remove the SD card

Step 2: Download the appropriate beta firmware 2.84

Diatium3 2.84 Update (In-Hilt LED) Diatium3 2.84 Update (Pixel)

Release date - July 26, 2021

Step 3: Unzip the firmware

Step 4: Remove the SD card. Insert it into your computer’s micro-SD port. Remove all contents on the SD card.

Use a Windows PC or MacOS computer to do this. Mobile devices or chromebooks are not recommended as they will add formatting files to your card. Do not use a mobile device, chrome book or tablet for this process

Step 5: Place the dBoot.cry & Loader.cfg on to the SD card

Step 6: Unzip a single 44.1khz sound font

Step 7: Drag & Drop the unzipped sound font folder onto the SD card

Step 8: Eject the SD card from your computer

Step 9: Place your SD card back into your Electrum Smart Saber®

Step 10: Toggle deep sleep (toward the speaker)

The middle switch buttons will indicate that the saber is updating. Do not touch any buttons. Do not toggle the deep sleep switch during this process. Wait for the boot sound. When you here sound, proceed to the next step. Do not turn the saber on.

Step 11: Toggle the deep sleep switch once and perform a hard reset.

Please toggle the back to deep sleep then back to the awaken position. The saber lights will flick rapidly, immediately press and hold the bottom switch button until the middle lights blink 6 times. If they do not blink 6 times, please toggle the deep sleep switch again and try the process again.

Step 12: Listen for the boot sound

When you hear the boot sound your saber has now been hard-reset and is ready for use with the Electrum Unity II App. You can confirm the version of your software using the Electrum Unity App in the top right corner of the screen. If the loading process does not start when you toggle the sleep switch, confirm that both the Loader.cfg and dBoot.cry files are in the root of your SD card, and try again.

Please watch the video below to see the Firmware Update process in action. 

Watch the below video to see how to add 44.1kHz HD Sound Fonts. 

Step 13: Download and install the new Electrum Unity II App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

PLEASE ACCEPT ALL BLUETOOTH SETTINGS when opening the Electrum Unity II app for the first time.

Tutorials how to use the app can be found on Resources page.

Unity App Update - July 26, 2021

app-store-badge.png google-play.png

Electrum Unity II App Overview

What's New:

  • Creating, configuring, and saving your User Profiles is more intuitive and easy.

  • Fast and improved Bluetooth connectivity and re-connectivity

  • More accurate battery monitoring

  • Feature tutorials for first time user

  • More configuration information is available in the User Profile dialogue box

  • Better saber disconnection

  • Saber power off improved

  • Added feature descriptions

  • In-App Hard Reset

  • In-App Soft Reset

  • Blade Preset configuration sharing

  • Create and customize unlimited blade presets and add them to any User Profile

  • Blade Presets are saved in the App to prevent loss if a hard reset performed

  • Quick access, more accurate and user-friendly color picking

  • Quick selection on the most popular colors on the color swatch page in Blade Presets

  • More accurate localized lock-up

  • Feedback and Bug reporting in App

Want to give feedback/suggestions or report an issue?

We want to hear from you! Please send any feedback directly to our development team via the Feedback Section on the Electrum Unity II App. You can find this on the Dashboard, via the Settings icon ⚙️ on the top right of the menu screen.

Unity App II & Firmware 2.84 Release Notes - Public Beta

  • Supports all Diatium3 Saber Core equipped Electrum Sabercrafts Smart Sabers®

  • Firmware can only be installed using a PC, Mac or Linux

    • Smart Phone or Chromebooks cannot be used to install new firmware

    • These updates do not work with the Diatium2 Saber Core. Please feel free to use the current Electrum Unity App.

  • Compatible with iPhone 6S or later Apple iPhones using ver 14.7

  • Compatible Android Devices using Android 8 or new versions.

    • Please note: due to multiple types of Android devices across the world, we were only able to test a fraction of available devices. We tested the most popular devices.

  • The new firmware is only compatible with 16 bit 44.1khz sound fonts.

    • Mixed bit rate and lower quality fonts are not officially supported

    • Moving forward, we have made the decision to only support fonts that optimize the sound performance on our Smart Sabers®

    • Note that all of the new updated Electrum Sound Fonts will sound different than before, since they now have upgraded smooth swing sounds for clarity and dynamic range.
    • If the fonts you previously purchased have been upgraded to 44.1kHz already, they will be available for download in your Electrum Store Account. Check the Sound Font page to see all the updated fonts. We will be adding more High-Definition fonts over the next month, so rest assured that all previously ordered fonts will have a free upgraded version available soon.
  • Installing the update will not void the warranty

  • If you would like to provide feedback or report a bug Please use the “Feedback” option in the “Settings” of the App. 

    • Please note: we will not respond to the Feedback that is submitted. This tool is to let our Developers know what you are experiencing.

  • These version will be public beta until fall 2021

  • If you would like roll back your firmware there are links to the old firmware and App below.

  • When updating the saber needs to be full charged


  • Before performing any advanced troubleshooting, please make sure your Smart Saber® is fully charged using a 5 volt 2 amp wall charger. Do not use computer USB ports, or low-power chargers (Apple iPhone cubes) or multi-port chargers. LOW BATTERY CAUSES MOST ISSUES that a user may experience.

  • When saving blade presets configuration, when you go back to main Blade Setting page in the app, the blade color will change to whatever was saved in the profile. However, if you hit UPLOAD PRESET, the blade option you just configured will upload to the USER PROFILE and the blade will change to the custom preset you just made.

  • Make sure that all sound font folders you add contain NO special character, including spaces, in the file or folder names. Ensure the font folders contain no sub folders. Ensure all sound files are uniform 44.1kHz 16bit files, no mixed bitrates or low quality audio formats (22.05kHz) are supported.

  • If you are experience stuttering with your sound font, please power down the saber, put it into deep sleep mode. Remove SD card and re-insert, then take back out of deep sleep and power on. If the audio issues persist, please re-format the card (FAT 32) and put the sound fonts back on it. If this doesn’t work, the card is most like damaged and needs to be replaced. The saber can support any SD card formatted to FAT32, to a max of 32GB.

  • DO NOT TRY TO CONNECT TO YOUR SMART SABER USING THE BLUETOOTH DEVICE SETTINGS ON YOUR MOBILE DEVICE. You just need to accept the Bluetooth permissions when opening the app for the first time. If you missed this step, re-install the Electrum Unity II App.

  • MAC USERS: If you are using a Mac to update your Firmware, and you experience issues with either updating, or Smart Saber performance challenges after updating, please note the following: Mac OS is adding hidden files to your SD card. This is just an OS thing, but it can cause an issue when updating or using the saber. SOLUTION: after installing your unzipped firmware files and font files on the SD card, press COMMAND - SHIFT - . (period) This will reveal any hidden files on the card. Delete only the hidden files that appear. Then eject the SD card, place back in the saber and the firmware will install normally.

  • If your Smart Saber will not boot up, and any of the switch lights are dimly flashing, attempt to download an older Firmware file, perform the update procedure, and then re-update to the latest available firmware version.

  • For additional and timely support you can join the Electrum Owner's Group on Facebook. Community members there are incredibly helpful. If you still have an issue, please reach out to our support team. Send us message through our chat system (yellow icon lower right) on our website. Our support team responds Monday to Friday between the hours of 9 am - 5 pm MST.


Diatium3 Legacy 2.10 Firmware

Should you choose not to participate in the public BETA, you can download the Legacy version of the Firmware below.

Diatium3 2.10 Firmware (In-Hilt LED) Diatium3 2.10 Firmware (Pixel)

Electrum Unity: Legacy App

Should you choose not to participate in the public BETA, you can download the Legacy version of the Apps below.

app-store-badge.png google-play.png

Unity App Update - April 24, 2020