Aegis Smart Saber™

USD $379.00

Introducing, The Aegis. From the Latin meaning, “shield of God.” This duel ready saber will not only shield you from the fiercest of blows but will allow you to strike back with the vengeance of a god. In every battle, The Aegis will evoke strength and confidence in the one who handles it.

The Aegis is the most ambitious and compelling saber we have ever created. From customizable struts, to the blackout or silver matte anodized finish, this saber will not disappoint the most avid duelists. The struts can be mixed and matched to put your personal signature on this elite saber. As well, you can order additional struts in a variety of colors, to make your Aegis stand out from the crowd.

This saber is only to be brandished by the most dedicated duelist. The Aegis deserves to be used by one who evokes the same passion it was created with. This Saber comes with our Premium RGBW LED and premium sound setup, a standard built into all of our products. The Aegis also has Bluetooth integration, allowing its owner to remotely program multiple settings via our mobile app, including motions, colors, sounds, switch settings, programmable gestures and more.

Current Estimated Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks


  • Length: 11.55"
  • Diameter: 1.25"


  • Electrum Unity App connectivity
  • Includes Diatium² Core Saber Systems
  • Mulltiple Hilt Color Configurations
  • Combat Worthy for Intense Dueling.
  • Complete App based saber customization:
    • Blade color settings. Endless color selection
    • Clash effects, timing, color and hard or soft clashes
    • Flicker effects, timing, color
    • Motion capture for customized sounds
    • Choose and switch sounds on the fly
    • Save multiple user profiles
  • Premium 16bit sound with up to 480 sounds storage capability
  • Full volume settings
  • Battery life indication
  • In-hilt recharge via Micro USB
  • Robust shock absorbing chassis materials
  • True motion settings featuring Motion Capture technology
  • Selectable Auto Lockup Effects
  • 3000mAH Battery capacity with Deep Sleep mode


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