Public BETA Now Live!

It has arrived! The all-new, re-imagined Electrum Diatium3 BETA from Electrum Sabercrafts Inc. This Firmware update is compatible with all Diatium3 Sabercore equipped Electrum Smart Sabers®. Watch the Overview Video below!

Exclusive to the Diatium3 Sabercore platform, Electrum Unity II is the easiest and most intuitive way to maximize all of the features inside of the Diatium3 Saber Core. From motions to clashes, to sounds. Then tweak your Smart Saber’s® performance using the re-designed Kinetic Engine. The results will be out of this world.

You can download the Smart Saber Firmware Version 2.84, available on our Update Page!

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Diatium3 Sabercore Main Features (v2.84)

  • Real-time Saber Performance Customization using the Electrum Unity App II
  • Designed & Manufactured by Electrum Sabercrafts
  • Battery life indication with hyper-fast charging (within 2 hours)
  • Firmware updates: for new features added to the D3 saber core
  • On-hilt menu access. On-the-fly changes to Volume, User Profiles, Blade, Sounds, and Motion settings.
  • In-hilt recharge with Micro-USB
  • Deep sleep mode

RGBW In-Hilt LED Features

  • Clash Effect
  • Blaster Deflect Effect
  • Flicker/Pulse Blade Effect
  • Selectable Auto Lockup Effects
  • Hard & Soft Clashes
  • Endless blade color selection 

Neopixel Features

  • All features above, PLUS:
  • Pixel blade scrolling and animation effects, customizable using the Electrum Unity App.
    • Flame Blade
    • Unstable Blade
    • Flicker/Pulse Blade
    • Rainbow
    • Candy Cane Blade
    • Vegas Blade
  • Color wheel mixing for blade color and effects
  • Localized (spot effect) clash, lockup and blaster deflect effects


  • 16 bit 44.1 kHz Sound Fonts Standard
  • 1” Dynamic Performance Speaker
  • Compatible with Electrum, CFX & Proffie Fonts
  • Up to 50 sound fonts
  • Smooth Swing, Hybrid (mix smooth & classic effects), Classic (legacy swing effects)

Diatium3/Unity II Development Roadmap

Mid-Nov 2021

BETA release 2.90

This BETA release will solve outstanding issues with some users being unable to save Kinetic Engine and Clash settings via the Unity II app.

  • Runtime improvements
  • Kinetic Engine/Clash Settings fix
  • Additional fixes for Third Party fonts
  • App-side Font list fixes, app to show all fonts loaded on the SD card.
  • In-Hilt LED Color mix fixes
Nov-Dec 2021

BETA Feedback Period

Public BETA feedback period. Electrum Development Team will take bug/feature feedback to implement in next launch.

Mid-Dec 2021

BETA release 3.00

Launch of big requested features, new base code and processor improvements.

  • New Neopixel Engine - better base blade styles, ability to create and share.
  • Audio engine improvements. More support for different sound files (pre-on and post-off, lockup intro/outro, tip drag, combo, etc.)
  • Tip-Drag effect for Neopixel
  • Lightning Block effect for Neopixel
  • Boot-Time improvements: will load much faster even with large number of Sound Fonts
  • General power efficiencies for improved runtime. Exact numbers to be released at this milestone.
  • App side communication efficiencies for faster saving/loading
  • Ability to delete user profiles
  • Manual editing of Neopixel LED count, retraction and ignition effects
  • Individual color settings for Blade, Clash, Lockup, Drag, Flicker, and Blaster Bolt effects. Currently, only Blade, Flicker and Clash are set, and extra effects use Clash color.
Dec 2021 - Jan 2022

3.0 BETA Feedback Period

Public BETA feedback period. This 3.0 platform will be the most stable, feature packed version yet, so expecting more feedback on features and feature requests. Additional bug fix requests, if present, will be taken here.

Jan 31 2022

Out of BETA Release

Launch of finalized Diatium3 Platform with more features, per feedback by BETA participants

  • Expanded User Profile limit
  • Offline (disconnected from saber) editing and backup of settings on Unity II app
  • Improved processing on D3 Board, based on feedback from BETA
  • Expanded audio support for Music Track files
  • Expanded Error-Checking for Third Party Fonts, such as bad naming, bad files, mixed audio frequencies, etc. Full supported file information will be released at this milestone.
  • Settings/Profiles share feature via Unity II app