Electrum Sabercrafts


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An exclusive Electrum Sabercrafts signature font. Leadership is our Darksaber inspired sound, with vibrant, sharp swings and pulsing hum. Wield the power of the Mandalore with this powerful sound font!

Saber Font from Lord Blako Sound Fonts. Listen to a Demo Below, under Videos!

  • All our fonts were developed by the one and only, Lord Blako.
  • Our fonts are High-Definition sound quality at 44.1 khz with Smooth Swing
  • These fonts are compatible with all Electrum Sabercrafts Smart Sabers with the Diatium3 Saber Core.
  • These Sound Fonts are also compatible with CFX equipped Sabers.

**Any Sound Font ordered with a saber will be automatically pre-loaded for you.

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