Electrum Sabercrafts

Pixel Blade

USD $130.00

Our brightest possible blade, the Pixel blade features 2 strips of RGB Pixel LEDs for optimal brightness and the most true-to-movie experience on the market. This blade allows you to feel the full power of our Smart Sabers® by offering scrolling effects, blade animations, unstable effects, blaster block reflect zones, and more. Diffused inside and outside for optimal light retention with Trans White polycarbonate and matching parabolic tip. This blade is offered in a  28", 32", 36" thin wall spec for optimal weight, balance and durability. Again, the Electrum Pixel blade is the best true-to-movie saber experience out there.

Introducing our new 7" blade. You can now show off your Electrum Pixel Smart Saber® in any environment!

These blades are also compatible with current industry standard Pixel saber adapters.

All blades are 1" diameter.

Note: This product is ONLY the blade, and does not include a hilt.

*Note We do not recommend this blade for Heavy Dueling. Light dueling only.

*Note these blades are not compatible in with in-hilt LED setups. In order to use a Pixel blade you must have a pixel equipped hilt. 

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