StarBird Saber Core

Wield the StarBird Saber Core

It's time to redefine your Lightsaber experience with Electrum Sabercrafts' latest revelation: The StarBird Saber Core!

We've created the most advanced, user-friendly saber core the world has ever seen. Unparalleled in power, sensitivity, and adaptability, the StarBird Saber Core takes your Lightsaber performance to the next level. We're so confident in StarBird, we've given it a 3 year limited warranty!

Revolutionary Technology

Unity II App

The StarBird Saber Core integrates seamlessly with our Electrum Unity II App, allowing you unprecedented control over every aspect of your Lightsaber's performance. Personalize your blade's style, sound effects, responsiveness, and more, with just a few taps on your device.

Discover the Power of StarBird

Dynamic Blade Styles Utilizing a robust library of effects and options, you can create the ultimate lightsaber blade animations within minutes, with custom ignitions, stabs, swings and more!

Gesture Control The StarBird Saber Core features an incredibly precise, finely tuned motion processing system, allowing you to program and tune gestures for any number of effects, like twist on activations, stab and drag effects, spin and swing blade animations, and more!

Unrivaled Sound Every StarBird equipped lightsaber features an unprecedented level of audio control. Every effect can be manipulated with a 5-band EQ system, allowing for audio mixing in real-time! Starbird supports 5 layers of audio, including music track, for the ultimate dynamic smooth swing experience!

Cutting-Edge Bluetooth Built-in Bluetooth hardware combined with the Electrum Unity II app allows for complete control over every aspect of your lightsaber performance. Customize blade colors and effects, sound performance, gestures, profiles and more in real-time!

High Performance Energy StarBird comes equipped with an efficient battery system, ensuring a long runtime with rapid recharge via USB-C! Every Electrum Lightsaber can be recharged in under 1 hour from 0% to 100% (5V 2A charge source).

Sound Font Management StarBird pairs with the Electrum Unity II app to manage and sample a library of high-quality sound fonts and effects! Preview and modify with the tap of your finger!


Step into a new era of Lightsaber technology and unleash the power of the StarBird Saber Core!
Construct Your Lightsaber


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StarBird Saber Core Overview & Tutorials

StarBird Saber Core Introduction

StarBird Saber Core Sound Settings

StarBird Saber Core Gesture Control

StarBird Saber Core Development

The following features are currently in development for the StarBird Saber Core

March 2024

  • Additional blade style effects for NeoPixel
  • Improvements to Sleep Mode on StarBird Core Sabers
  • Additional Sleep Settings on Unity II App, including timing and wake options
  • Auxilliary Menu changes for Blade color selection
  • Additional gesture control for Auxilliary mode navigation
  • Quick Pick Settings for Auxilliary mode navigation (Clash Sensitivity, Smooth Swing, etc.)
  • Additional items to come based on ongoing Community Feedback