Unlock your Lightsaber with Electrum Unity II StarBird Edition

It has arrived! The all-new re-imagined and re-designed Electrum Unity II App from Electrum Sabercrafts. This app is compatible with all StarBird Saber Core equipped Lightsabers!

The Electrum Unity II App is the easiest and most intuitive way to maximize all of the features inside of the StarBird Saber Core. Customize beautiful blade effects, set up personalized profiles, and tweak your Lightsabers performance using the Kinetic Engine. The results will be out of this world.

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The Electrum Unity II App: StarBird Edition is not just an app, it's a key to unlock the full potential of your Electrum Smart Saber®. Customizing motions, colors, sounds and much more becomes so simple a Padawan could do it. Available on iOS® and Android™. Available exclusively on Electrum StarBird Saber Core Systems!

Blade Styles Unity II App

Limitless Blade Colors & Effects

The Electrum Unity II App gives you complete control over Blade Color presets on your Lightsaber. Utilizing a robust library of effects and options, you can create the ultimate lightsaber blade animations within minutes, with custom ignitions, stabs, swings and more! 

Unity II Sound Settings

Unrivaled Sound Performance Control

Configure your custom sound profiles on your Smart Saber®. With the Electrum Unity II App you can preview sounds directly on your Lightsaber, disable effects, or combine sounds in any way you want to make your own custom sound profile. Every effect can be manipulated with a comprehensive EQ system, allowing for audio mixing in real-time. Starbird supports 5 layers of audio, including music track, for the ultimate dynamic smooth swing experience!

Your Electrum StarBird equipped Lightsaber pairs with the Electrum Unity II app to manage and sample a library of high-quality sound fonts and effects with the tap of your finger!

Kinetic Engine Motions Unity II App

Performance Control with the Kinetic Engine

Fine tuning your Electrum Lightsabers performance is easy with the Unity II app. Every aspect of your lightsabers motion and responsiveness can be adjusted in real time, allowing you to make your lightsaber react to your individual movements. Gesture Control allows you to activate special effects on your Lightsaber effortlessly, including Stabs, Swings, Spins, Clashes, Lockup and more! You can even activate or deactivate your saber without using buttons at all.

User Profiles Unity II App

Unlimited User Profiles

Saving your favourite profiles and effects on StarBird equipped Lightsabers is effortless with the Electrum Unity II App. Store your favourite blade effects, sound effects, motion parameters and gestures to a custom user profile and easily swap between them. Your User Profiles automatically store everything you configure, and can be added for unlimited combinations, for multiple people or just yourself.