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1" Trans-White Dueling Blade

USD $26.00

Our Trans-White Thin Wall dueling blade is designed for light and medium dueling as well as costume and display. The blade is dual diffused for optimal light retention. Trans-white blades come with standard parabolic tip. Compatible with any RGB/W equipped LED saber with a 1" emitter. 

The difference between the two thin wall blades. 

  • Trans-white, are a white polycarbonate blade, vs. a clear polycarbonate blade used on the standard thin-wall blade
  • Trans-white comes with a parabolic tip, vs. a rounded tip with our standard thin-wall blade
  • Both are dual diffused for optimal lighting
  • Both can be used for light to medium dueling

These blades are 1" outer diameter, with an inner diameter of 0.875".

*Note, many prefer the color saturation and light control of the Trans-white blade over the Standard thin-wall blade.

This item is a stand alone product and does not come with a Saber Hilt.

 *Note these blades are not compatible in with PIXEL setups. In order to use these blades you must have an In-Hilt LED equipped hilt. 


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