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Renegade Lightsaber


The embodiment of a lone warrior, the Renegade Lightsaber is an imposing tool of destruction meant for only the most fearsome of warriors. Evoking the energy of maverick heroes and villains alike, this saber is the ultimate expression of power and prowess.

The Renegade is the most customizable hilt we have ever released. It features 2 pommel options, 4 emitter combinations, the all-new Trace Micro-Switch, steel vented emitter, and several post assembly finish options. The Renegade takes inspiration fro the lightsabers of Darth Malgus, Cal Kestis, Corran Horn, and the Ronin from Star Wars: Visions.


  • Warrantied for combat with shock resistant internal chassis
  • Unlimited blade colors! Change to one of thousands of blade colors at the touch of a button.
  • SmoothSwing motion with 44.1kHz 16bit HD Sound
  • NeoPixel or In-Hilt RGBW LED configuration
  • Customizable 3 button touch micro-switch
  • Made with premium 6061 billet aluminum with anodized finish
  • Multiple Hilt Configurations and Finishing Options
  • Stainless Steel Emitter with Optional Heat Bluing

Proffie Saber Core

  • Programmable Gesture Control
  • Firmware updates for new features
  • On-hilt menu access to change Volume, User Profiles, Blade Color, Sounds, and Motion settings
  • Open-Source Community Development
  • Multiple blades effects for In-Hilt LED and NeoPixel blades like blaster defect, clash, flicker/unstable, selectable auto-lock up, preon, custom ignitions and much more
  • Blistering audio with a 28mm 3W 4Ohm bass speaker, HD 16bit 44.1khz sound with dynamic Smooth Swing
  • Engineered, designed and assembled by our Electrum team.


  • High-Discharge 3000mAh 18650 Lithium-Ion battery with protection
  • Included: Rechargeable Battery, 2 saber keys, instruction manual
  • Please see our Resources page for more info.


Every Electrum Lightsaber is bespoke and built by hand in Canada, and as such requires time to produce. Additionally, we are experiencing a backlog caused by theft. Review current production timelines and any backorders under Lead Times posted at the end of the order form. Timelines are reviewed weekly.

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Lead Time:
All Lightsabers are handcrafted and built to order. Electrum is currently clearing older orders with the new Proffieboard system. As such, current estimated lead times for NEW custom lightsabers are 16 - 20 weeks.
Shipping Info:
International orders are shipped with DHL World Wide Express. Shipping price DOES NOT include any in-country duties or taxes. All Canadian orders are shipped by UPS.
All Electrum Lightsabers come with a 3 year combat limited warranty unless stated otherwise. Visit our Warranty Page for more information.